Posted on March 7, 2003

  • Added a new wallpaper, “Simple Pleasures”, to the gallery today. The blooms are based on orchids that Jessie received as a birthday present. I’m still playing around with this one, so there may be an update or two over the weekend (perhaps even later this afternoon).
  • It appears that Zazzle is back online with their new and updated web site. Among the changes they are offering a new print size, called Colossal (52″ x 78″). I’ve seen one of these prints and they are truly massive.

    None of the prints in my collection are currently available at this size. I would have to re-render them, but I would like to gauge interest before I do so. If you are interested in having a print this size, please drop me a line and let me know which images you are interested in. Thanks!

  • UPDATE (11:20 PST): I’ve replaced the version of “Simple Pleasures” I posted this morning with a slightly reframed version.