Posted on February 23, 2003

  • I’ve added three new posters, “Arboreal“, “Satori“, and “Cradle“, to my Zazzle collection.

    Speaking of posters, I’m proud to announce the first ever “public showing” of my work. Actually it was my Mom’s idea. She’s arranged to have my work on display in my hometown Barnes & Noble bookstore through the month of April. The prints will go up on Sunday, March 30th. Jessie and I will be in the store between 12:00 and 2:30 that afternoon (in the café).

    I’ll be available to answer questions and do general “meet-the-artist” type stuff. I’ll also be happy to sign posters if you bring them along, but I won’t be selling any at the store. It will all be very informal.

    The store is located in Bloomington, IL. If any of you live in the Twin Cities or in Central Illinois and feel like stopping by, we’d would love to meet you.

  • I’m going to start working on something new tomorrow, aiming to have a new wallpaper up by the end of the week. Thanks everyone for being patient with me!