Posted on January 5, 2003

  • Added my first wallpaper of the new year this morning. “Cradle 2003” is up on the new images page. The original was created using Bryce and a program called “Universe“. Just was with the original “Blue Christmas”, I first rendered the background and then added the stars later. The results looked nice, but they weren’t true “3D” (to me anyway).

    The new version comes to you straight out of Lightwave. I still want to try a few more things, but I thought it looked nice enough to share in its current form. I hope you agree. If you have any thoughts please be sure to send them my way.

    UPDATE: I’ve posted a very minor revision to “Cradle 03” which fixes a rendering error I had missed last night.

  • Thanks to everyone who wrote in last week with suggestions for 2003 images. I really enjoyed reading your letters and I’ll be glad to have them handy when I’m staring at my blank screen wondering what to do next.