Posted on December 24, 2002

  • My work with “Aquamarine” and “Blue Christmas 2002” made it painfully clear to me that my workstation with no longer up to snuff. Each of those images was delayed 2 or 3 days simply because the renders kept crashing! I’ve been using the same dual 1-Ghz box for over 2 years now and now I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade.

    The new box from Dell was delivered this morning (I ordered it on the 11th) and I’ve been working all day migrating to the new system. It’s a pretty nice setup: dual 2.8 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 148 GB SCSI HDD, DVD+RW, QUADRO 900, and (gulp!) Windows XP Pro. The best part about the new system is the 20″ Dell 2000FP flat-panel display. I’m in love!

    Hopefully the new box will mean faster renders and more timely updates for you.

    Anyway, I’ll be taking the next couple of days off for the holidays. We’re staying put this year. We’ll go to midnight mass Christmas Eve and hang out with our friends on Christmas. I’m going to really miss seeing my family though.

    I hope you all are where you want to be for the holidays. Jessie and I really appreciate the support you’ve given us and we both want to wish you all the best for the Holidays and for 2003!