Posted on December 6, 2002

  • I’ve posted my latest render up in the new images gallery. It’s a reworking of 1999’s “Blue Christmas”. A lot of people have told me that the original “Blue” was one of their favorites, but I’ve never been quite pleased with it. I used “World Builder” for the original, and had added the lighting effects later using another program. I always thought that it was a good idea that could be done a lot better. Last week I set out to try.

    I used Lightwave this time around and I’m a lot happier with the results. You can see for yourself on the new images page. I hope you approve of the new version. The old one, of course, will remain available for those who prefer it.

    UPDATE: I’ve posted a slightly revised version of “Blue Christmas 2002” in which the stars are now visible all the way down to the horizon.