Posted on November 27, 2002

  • I had a nice visit with my Dad over the weekend and on Monday I picked up where I’d left off with “Aquamarine”. I receieved many excellent suggestions through email, which I have incorporated into a final render that I can live with. It’s up on the new images page. I’m sure some of you will not approve of the changes I’ve made, but that’s OK because the original (along with an intermediate render) is still available in the Pickle Jar. I hope you like the final product, and I thank you for being patient while I worked it out.

    Jessie and I are staying put for Thanksgiving this year. We’re going to have a few friends over for dinner tomorrow and then I’m going to get cracking on a new wallpaper. I think something seasonal is in order.

    For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, Jessie and I want to wish you a safe and happy holiday!

  • I should also mention that my 4th edition CDROM is available for purchase. It contains all of the works in the main members gallery (but not the Pickle Jar) up to “Introspection”.
  • Lastly I wanted to mention that a poster version of “Neuron” is available from Zazzle.