Posted on October 1, 2002

  • October is finally here. It’s going to be a big month for me. Jessie and I (picture of us here) are finally going to be married on the 12th. We have a big church wedding planned out and we’ll be hosting the reception at our house afterwards. Lots of family are flying in from all over the country. I’ll be meeting some members of Jessie’s family for the very first time (scary!). We leave for our honeymoon the week after the wedding.

    Basically, I’m not going to have a lot of time to devote to making new wallpapers this month. Jessie really needs me to help out with the planning and to just be there for her (she’s stressing out big time). I’ve decided that since I will be taking so much time off, that it would cool if I just added a month (31 days) to everyone’s subscriptions. If you check the account status page you will see that I’ve already done so. New members will have the extra month added automatically at signup.

    It’s not totally out of the question that I might post another wallpaper or two this month, but don’t bet on it. Actually, I’ve been feeling the need to take a breather for some time now. My creative batteries could use the recharge.

    Wish us luck! Jessie and I have been together for six years now (living together for the past three) so I don’t see how things will be that different after the wedding (save for the fact that we hope to have children fairly soon). I do know that I love her madly and I look forward to growing old with her by my side.