Posted on August 11, 2002

  • I’ve added a dual-monitor version of “Rift Canyon” to the 2X gallery. I’m rendering a dual-monitor version of “Atoll” which I hope to have up in the next couple of days.

    Some of you folks with Macs have written me asking that I post “split” versions of the dual-monitor screens, since Macs (and some flavors of Unix) cannot stretch one file over two desktops. I’ve added split screen versions of all the files for your convenience.

  • A personal note. My sister, whom I haven’t hung out with for about five years, is visiting this weekend from Indiana. She leaves late Monday and then my Mother arrives on Wednesday for a visit lasting through to next Sunday. I will have a little time to do some work on something new, but not as much as usual. I’m going to use this time to set some large renders going (posters, dual-monitor versions). We won’t have any houseguests after that until our wedding in October.