Posted on July 15, 2002

  • I’ve added a newer version of “Macrocosm” (def.) to the gallery. Quite a few of you mentioned to me that the image seemed too dark. This new render isn’t a whole lot brighter, but it is a little. Essentially, the asteroids in the foreground are supposed to be silhouetted by the galaxy in the background. I didn’t want them to be brightly lit, but I did want some detail to be visible. The previous version, plus a “Galaxy-Only” version, are available in the Pickle Jar.

    Dimly lit objects have been a problem ever since I started using this Trinitron. I had noticed right away that some of my older works looked horribly washed out on this monitor and there were details visible where I had intended there to only be shadow. Now the problem is reversed. I’m not sure how to solve this, given that I love to use darkness and shadows in my work.

    What do you think? Should I “over-brighten” (to my eye) to compensate for darker monitors? Drop me a line if you have thoughts one way or another.

    Anyway, I hope this one works better for you. I’ll try to do something bright and cheery next time, OK?