Posted on March 8, 2002

  • Most of the comments on my new “Gardener” render have been positive. Some people, however, have commented that the new version is too dark. This is partly by design and (I think) partly due to my monitor. I wanted this image to be darker than the old one, and I wanted the Gardener to show up more as a silhouette in this version. I wanted it to be dark but not too dark, and this is where my monitor plays into the equation.

    My new monitor (Trinitron circa late 2000) is quite a bit brighter than my old one. I can tell by looking at my older renders and seeing details where there had been only shadows before. An image that is borderline dark on my monitor will most likely look too dark on another screen.

    So, even while I prefer the version that I posted on Wednesday, I recognize that it might be too dark for some of you. Therefore I’ve gone ahead and posted a brighter version in the PickleJar. Does this look better to you? Which one do you think I should keep to display in the permanent gallery? Drop me a line if you have strong opinions one way or the other.