Posted on November 13, 2001

  • I’ve posted a new wallpaper today, “The Sleeping Forest“. This was my first real experience working with the new version of World Builder (the software I used for “Song of the Sky”, “Glenwood” and “Sunset Fog”). There are some really cool new features in World Builder 3, but there’s an equal (or greater) number of bugs.

    Bugs notwithstanding, I probably kept this one back longer than I should have, thinking that if I just “worked on it some more tomorrow” then something excellent would happen. Now I think it’s time to move on to something else. I hope you enjoy this latest work.

  • Some of you have written asking where to purchase the CD-ROM. I’ve temporarily removed the link to the CD-ROM shopping cart, as I am in the process of creating an updated version of the disc (with all my work up to “The Sleeping Forest”). I didn’t want anyone to buy the old disc if the new one was so close to coming out. Sorry for any confusion. I’ll make a post here when the new disc is available.