Posted on October 17, 2001

  • Sorry for being so mysterious in my last update. I had an appointment with the doctor today and I wanted confirmation before I said anything. Today I got the confirmation.

    I’ve been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. There is no cure. I’ve probably had it for the past 6 months, but am only now finding out about it thanks to Jessie forcing me to get a physical last week. The condition isn’t immediately life threatening, but if I don’t control my blood sugar all kinds of bad stuff could happen to me (like going blind or having my feet amputated).

    So I’ve basically been trying to change my life over the past week. I’m trying to exercise more, sleep at regular hours, and eat a proper diet. The doctor also told me last week that my blood pressure and cholesterol were both too high. I’m proud to report that after only a week they are back to normal levels.

    A year ago I was a real mess. I’ve always had bad eating habits, but the past couple of years I’d really let myself go. I was probably 80 pounds overweight and was getting very little exercise. Luckily, Jessie stuck with me and was able to turn me around. It was too late, however, to prevent my current condition. If any of this sounds like you then I recommend you get yourself checked ASAP.

    My doctor has told me that if I can keep eating the right foods, get plenty of exercise, and drop another 10 or 15 pounds, then I probably won’t have to take any pills or insulin shots. This is good news to me.

    How will all this affect DB and the members gallery? Well, in the short term I ask for a little more patience. Sitting at the computer for extended periods of time is not what my body needs right now. I am not going to quit making wallpapers. This is what I love to do. I’m just going to have to find a way to do it and still remain active.