Posted on July 31, 2001

  • Sorry this took me so long. I guess I wanted to take a few days off after the move. Hope you don’t mind too much, given that I’ve worked just about every day for the past three years.

    Anyway, I have been working on a new wallpaper for the past few days and I think it’s ready for your comments. I call it “Earthen” and you can find it on the New Images page. I hope you like it!

    I’m going to try to get things back to normal around here now. I still don’t have my broadband connection (waiting for the installation), but that might actually help me concentrate more on artwork and less on email. We’ll see.

    Either way, sorry about the lack of updates for the past couple of weeks. Two weeks between updates is too long for me and I’ll try not to let it happen again!