Posted on July 24, 2001

  • Hi! How are you? My email inbox has been jammed up for the past few days with these annoying “SirCam” emails. I’ve gotten hundreds of them (but I was never infected). It wouldn’t have been that big a deal if I still had broadband access, but it has made it all but impossible to get my email over my standby AOL dialup account (28.8). I expect my broadband access to arrive either next week or the week after that (fingers crossed).

    I think I have the email problem straightened out now. I found a cool little app which will let me delete the crap from my server before downloading. I’ll try to get to my back log today and tomorrow.

    Just so you know, we finished moving last Friday and have been unpacking ever since. I haven’t had the chance to start any new wallpapers because my computer was only set up today. I could have set it up earlier, but I think my brain needs a few days to recover from all of this. I’ll get started on some new artwork soon though, I promise!