Posted on July 12, 2001

  • I think I should clarify something about the posters that are now available. They are not the same prints as I have been showing in the Picklejar. The files I gave to my printer (shown in the Picklejar) were 8000 x 6000 and 10800 x 8100 TIFs. The files I gave to Zazzle were 4000 x 3000 and they were JPGs (albeit with very low compression).

    I’m still working on offering the higher quality, frameable prints. I’ll be able to focus more time on that after I’m situated in my new home. I hope to have them available before Fall.

    I’m not trying to put down the Zazzle prints. They look great, are inexpensive, and they’ve worked out a way to get them safely to your door. If you are looking for the best quality I have, though, I recommend you wait until later this year. Hopefully they can tell me which images are most popular, so I don’t have to buy a bunch of prints that nobody wants.

    I should have mentioned this last night. I apologize for any confusion!