Posted on July 11, 2001

  • Hi folks. A couple of things to accounce. I won’t have a new upload for at least the next few days. I’ve had to take some personal time this past week and I haven’t been able to get any real work done. I have the next couple of days to work on artwork so I’ll try and get some stuff done before I have to start packing this weekend. I have to be out of my apartment by the 19th. I’ll be spending most of next week packing up and moving.

    I finally closed on my new house today. I’m off to pick up the keys momentarily. We’re so psyched to be moving! The only bad thing from all of this is that I will have to give up my cable modem. Apparently Cox doesn’t run cable out to where I live. I may have to investigate some sort of satillite option.

    My other announcement is that I finally have posters available for sale. I’ve put nine images up on and if people like them I’ll add more.

    Zazzle seems to have been doing this for a while and it looks like they have figured out how to ship prints without damaging them. Please leave comments if you have any, or feel free to send them to me.