Posted on May 24, 2001

  • I’ve added a new wallpaper to the gallery today. “Smidgeons” is up on the new images page and I’ll be adding it to the “Abstracts” gallery shortly. I used Xfrog to model the smidgeons and I you’ll probably see more funky objects like this as I continue to learn how to use the software. Please email me with any comments you may have.

    I’m still working on making posters available. I hope to market two versions of each image. One version will be a poster (suitable for tacking up on your wall), the other will be a print (suitable for framing). I’ve found a good printer to make the prints, now I’m looking for someone to make the posters.

  • Yes folks, I am still smoke-free. I haven’t had a cigarette since late October. My lungs have never felt better. Instead of smoking at my desk, now I drink ice water.