Posted on April 27, 2001

  • I’ve added an updated render of “Temple Stairs” (note to self: think up snappier title). Some of you mentioned that the area around the stairs was too dark so I’ve brightened that a bit. You can now easily see the man climbing the stairs.

    Some of you have requested a version without the man climbing the stairs. I can understand that. I added him to give the scene a sense of scale, but I think the size of the stairs can also fulfill this purpose. I’m rendering a version without the figure so you can have your pick, it should be up late tonight or early tomorrow.

    If you have strong feelings one way or another about the stair climber, drop me a line and let me know. Help me decide which image goes in the gallery, and which will live in the Pickle Jar.

  • The version I mentioned above (without the man) is now up on the New Images page.