Posted on November 30, 2000

  • Hi folks. Just thought I would check in since it’s been over a week since my last update. Here’s the scoop:

    I’m still fighting the good fight on the smoking front. I’d like to thank all of you who have written me with advice and encouragement. You’ve helped me a great deal and I hope to be able to answer all your letters in good time.

    I’m sorry that my struggle has impacted the frequency of my posts. I am simply not sitting at my computer as much as I used to. I’m sleeping through the night instead of getting up at 2 a.m. to work. I’m taking more walks with Jessica ( it’s easy not to smoke when I’m around her).

    In short, I’ve been working less for the past few weeks, mainly to avoid the cravings.

    I am working though, and I know a lot of you out there a looking forward to a holiday wallpaper or two.

    I started working on something last week. The idea: a cozy little cabin on a winter night. That’s pretty much the essence of what Christmas is all about for me; it’s cold and dark outside but you’re inside all warm with your friends and family. When I looked at the render, though, I was concerned that it didn’t look enough like a “traditional” Christmas picture. There aren’t any flashy lights or Santa Clauses.

    So for the past few days I’ve been puzzling over what I could add to make it look more festive, and this morning I decided I had waited long enough. The new render, which I’ve titled simply “December”, is up on the New Images page. Don’t be surprised if you see another version before the year is out.