Posted on September 5, 2000

  • Thanks everyone for the great feedback on “Hibiscus”!. A lot of the comments I received centered on the stamen structure at the center. You thought, rightly so, that the stamen was just too smooth and regular looking. Yes. It was modeled that way on purpose.

    My original intention was to apply a layer of fuzz to the stamen using my “Shave and a Haircut” software. I worked on it through the weekend, trying to see what was possible. The result is now up for your review on the New Images page. Comments appreciated.

    I also did a little more “hand-painting” on the petals. I can definitely see where UV mapping will come in handy down the road. I learned a lot.

    Depending on your feedback, I see at most one more Hibiscus render. I’m sort of itching to move on now.

    Hope you like it!