Posted on August 28, 2000

  • A couple of new items today. The first, “Urchin“, is an abstract that I created in Lightwave. I was trying to create a sea anemone, but somewhere along the line I decided it would look cooler if it were bio-luminescent. I don’t think it looks much like a undersea creature anymore, and if it does I think I’ll stay on the beach. You can download an animated version of this image (MPG format, 1.5 MB) from the Picklejar.

    The second new image, “Pathway“, continues my fascination with trees and fog. As you may or may not know, fog is the only interesting weather I get to see here in San Diego (aside from the rare thunderhead over the mountains to the East), so you’ll have to pardon me if it creeps into my artwork from time to time.

    Both of these images are works in proress and you’ll likely see some changes to them before I’m “done”. I’d be interested in hearing what you think I should add (if anything) to “Pathway”. Drop me a line if you have any suggestions.

  • My initial run of CD-ROMS finally sold out last week. Rather than run another copy of the same disc, I going to put together a new one containing everything I’ve done up to this point (over 450 images). The new disc should be available sometime next month, and it WILL ship internationally. The price should be the same as the old disc, with members receiving a $10 discount.