Posted on August 11, 2000

  • A couple of updates today. First, I posted another render of “First Snow”. This one lacks the white haze and should be a little less blinding. You’ll find it in the picklejar (it’s called firstsnow3), because I stubbornly prefer the render I posted yesterday 🙂

    Second, I started messing with Joe Alter’s cool “Shave and a Haircut” software. My goal was simple: to put some hair on the “swordman” model I posted last week. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know anything about “hairstyling”, so please be understanding when you see my results. You can find my render on the new images page, and you’ll find a “detail” render in the picklejar.

  • I’ve posted a more colorful version of “Minutiae”, in case you’re interested. You can find it on the New Images page.
  • I’m working on a little redesign for the “login page”. Nothing too fancy, though it does require the Flash plugin to get the full effect.

    Click here to check out a preview of the new login page I’m working on. You can see the old login page by clicking here. Comments appreciated (especially from those of you who don’t have Flash installed).