Posted on July 24, 2000

  • A second version of “Tableau” is up for your review. You can still see the first version inside the pickle jar. I thought these scene might make a nice home for the Pagoda I designed earlier this year…
  • As mentioned yesterday, my new render is up and available. Unfortunately it did not turn out quite as I had planned. I noticed some things looking at the 1600 x 1200 render that I didn’t like so I’ve been doing some revisions already. The second version is rendering right now, but I think this first draft is decent enough to share. The tentative title is “Tableau” and you can check it out on the New Images page.

    Thematically, image was inspired by a photo I saw in a book called “Spectacular China“. Technically, this image was inspired by some of the comments I received about “Relics” in which some of you suggested that the guns would look more realistic if they had some plants growing out of them. This image was about trying to grow a plants on an imported mesh (like a chia pet). World Builder 3 plans to have this feature, but I had to work out a hack using the current software. As you can see, I figured it out (the tall rocks in this image were modeled in Lightwave).

    The next version of this image should be up either late tonight or early tomorrow. Hopefully some of the rough edges will be smoothed over by then.