Posted on May 17, 2000

  • A few new items today…

    I spent yesterday trying to figure out Hypervoxels 3.0, and how it’s different than 2.0. I did a few renders of an abstract nature and I’ve posted them for your review. I chose one to display on the new images page and put the rest in the Picklejar, along with an animated version of the scene. The animation is MPG encoded, and it should run on just about every OS. Let me know if you have problems though (try saving the file to your hard disk rather than “streaming” it).

  • I’ve added an animated version of “Morning Light“. Once again, this is in MPG format.
  • I’ve added a slightly different version of “Neptune’s Garden” in the Pickejar.
  • I’ve added an updated version of “Escort” to the Picklejar.
  • I’ve added 1600 x 1200 versions of “Planetfall” and “Sleepwalker“.
  • I’ve added a second view of “Pyre” to the Picklejar.