Posted on March 17, 2000

  • Something green for your desktop?
  • A quick note about the pickles I posted earlier this week. The “Red Rocks” image (available here) is not a new version of “Red Planet”. It was rendered in Bryce last November. Unfortunately there were too many rocks in the scene and Bryce refused to open the scene file so I could work more on it.

    The torch (available here) was modeled for “Omadon” (using Amorphium). Each statue is holding one.

    Your comments were pretty much unanimous that the second Jelly Fish was the better of the two. I tend to agree with you, and I’ve added it to the Underwater Gallery.

  • Looking for software demos? Metacreations has released a trial version of Poser 4 and E-onsoftware has released a trial version of Vue D’Esprit 3. E-onsoftware sent me a newsletter yesterday in which they hinted that Vue 3.1 would be available soon and that it will support dual-processor rendering. Oh yeah!