Posted on March 14, 2000

  • A few new items today. The first is a different version of my Jellyfish. Ironically, the jelly fish is helping me to learn about bones. What are bones you might ask? Here is a nice technical overview of them. Put simply, properly parented bones (leg bone connected to the foot bone…) give structure to a mesh and allow you to pose it by moving its skeleton. Great for animation (since you can keyframe the bone movements), but it’s also great for stills because you can model an object once and then deform it to suit your needs. A big time saver.
    This version of the Jelly was rendered in Lightwave 6, and (as you can see) looks much different than the first one. Opinions?
  • Look here and here for some new “pickles” (you’ll see which ones are new by the “last modified date”).