Posted on March 8, 2000

  • I indulged myself yesterday by firing up LIghtwave 6 and trying out some of the new features. You can see my first results in the WIP and the Pickle Jar. The image is called Minutiae. I’ve always been fascinated by what you could see under the Electron Microscope, and this is my attempt to capture the feel. I may do one or two more of these eventually. It’s kind of liberating in that you can really create any shape you want. Want to see some actual images? Check out Microangela’s site (she colorizes the images in photoshop), and here’s another one.

    There are two versions of Minutiae for you to check out. One can be found on the New Images page. and the other is in the Pickle Jar. The choice of which went where was completely random on my part. I’d be interesting in hearing which version you prefer (if any).