Posted on February 14, 2000

  • I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day (if you celebrate that sort of thing). Since last week I’ve been up to my eyes in “Deep Paint 3D”, trying to figure out how to texture my Lightwave objects and then have that same texture work in World Builder. Not as simple as it may sound. My efforts in this area should lead to improved versions of the Pagoda and Neptune’s Garden soon.

    For now, however, I have my first “tester” image to show you. It’s called, originally enough, “Sentinels 2000” and it is available in the Pickle Jar and on the New Images page.

    I’ve also honored a some of your requests. You can now download a “shipless” version of “Ships Passing”, and I’ve made my “CD Cover” available as a wallpaper. Both of these images are available (for now) in the Pickle Jar. Enjoy!