Posted on December 13, 1999

  • I posted my Holiday Gallery on the free site. Nothing there that you haven’t seen before, except for maybe this poem that I composed to go along with my text for “Let it Snow”. One of my new year’s resolutions is to sit down and fully annotate every image in the member’s gallery (with more than just a few sentences on what software I used to make it).

    I’m still working on some new holiday images. To tide you over I’ve added a directory to the member’s gallery which I call simply “The Pickle Jar“. During the process of making one of the images you see in my galleries I usually go through three or four different revisions. Some of them are just plain bad and I won’t waste bandwidth or embarrass myself by showing them to you. Others were just a pixel or two away from making it into my gallery, but then something stoped me from posting it and went back and worked on it some more. The “Towers” images are a good example. They show off the towers that I later used to make up Gotham 1999 (I decided a city setting was more appropriate). Right now the Picklejar directory is unindexed (hence the name) and it contains 11 images. Check it out, and if you see an image that you think really belongs in my gallery, drop me a line.

    What’s the difference between these and a Work in Progress? A work in progress, when I post it, is an image that I feel is strong enough to make it into my gallery. Sometimes I’ll look at it later though and decide to make changes. I never planned on posting the images in the pickejar, but then it occurred to me that 1) they were doing no one any good sitting idle on my hard drive, and 2) sometimes an image that I don’t think is very strong turns out to be a favorite of others (Adrift is one example…).

    Like I said though, I’m working on some new stuff right now. Stay tuned!