Posted on December 6, 1999

  • I was meaning to work on some holiday graphics this weekend, but I was sidetracked by another issue which required immediate attention. I did, however, manage to tweak “Sierra” into a night version which is up in the Night Scenery Gallery and the WIP. No, I didn’t use Photoshop. I wanted to learned more about atmospheric lightning in World Builder. I do plan on getting started on some holiday images this week. I have a few ideas of my own but I would love to hear what you’d like to see (the more detail the better). Write me!
  • A big thanks to everyone who has ordered a copy of my CD so far. Maybe I’ll even make back all the money I spent having them made…
  • I’m still ironing out the issues involved with shipping overseas. It’s rather complicated and I want to make sure everyone involved gets the best possible deal.
  • Don’t pay any attention to my Amazon.Com wish list at the bottom of my pages. That’s for friends and family who want to know what I’d like to get for Christmas this year. You’re free to check it out to see what my tastes are or to get ideas for someone you care about, but I’m not asking for anything from people I don’t know. Of course, I wouldn’t send anything back… 🙂