Posted on November 11, 1999

  • For all the images I’ve posted over the past couple of weeks, you would think that I have been spending my days at the beach, or on the couch watching the Discovery Channel. Actually I’ve done quite a lot of rendering but everything has been little bits and pieces, trying out new effects and techniques, etc. I feel kind of like a wizard with a new spellbook.

    Anyway. I really liked Fluorescence and I know a lot of you did too. None of my renders over the past few days have given me the “wow” factor I got from the blue shrooms, until now.

    In my last update I posted the original version of Gotham, resurrected from “BR3 heaven” by the latest version of Bryce. My brain cells started percolating while I was looking at that image, and I came to the conclusion that old Gotham needed a little “urban renewal”. Gotham 1999 is new today in the Night Scenery Gallery and the WIP. I hope you like what I’ve done, you may see more of this…hope you like.

  • I’ve gotten a lot of mail lately from members asking how to renew their memberships. The answer is: you don’t need to let your memberships ever expire. You can add time to your existing membership at a discounted rate ($20 for another year and $10 for another month, max 2 years). The “extender” link is located on the “When Will My Account Expire Page“, or you can go directly to my secure server and place your order. Thanks!