Posted on October 11, 1999

  • I hope everyone is getting into the Halloween Spirit. I’m planning on posting a few Halloween pics in my free gallery probably next week. I did this last year and I’d like to continue to tradition. The gallery will stay up until Nov 1st and will contain all (or most) of the images from last year’s gallery, plus a few new ones (depending on how many I decide to make).
    Last week I asked if you had any suggestions for what kinds of Halloween pics you would like to see. The emails came flying in with all kinds of creepy ideas, but the one sounded particularly appealing to me. That image, my rendition of a certain decapitated equestrian, is now available in my Posers Gallery and the WIP. It’s called “Midnight Trooper” (from a line in the original story). Hope you like it! More to come.
  • I’ve added 1600 x 1200 versions of “El Dios del Fuego” (much requested), “Huntress“, and “Valley of the Sun“.
  • Added the latest member’s additions (everything from after “Catch of the Day” to “Midnight Trooper”) to the DB1999 screen saver. and all the zipfiles are now up to date with the latest imagery.