Posted on October 9, 1999

  • As I mentioned yesterday, you now have the option to extend your membership for one year or one month. Your expiration date will be extended from the original time you were set to expire, not from today’s date, so you still get all the time you originally paid for. The maximum subscription length is capped at 2 years, so if you were extend your membership to 2 years today, you wouldn’t be able to extend it further until one year had passed.

    The cost to extend your membership for one year is $20, %20 off the non-member rate. If you’re on a budget or you have an extremely hazardous job you can can extend your membership by just one month (31 days) for only $10 ($2, or 16%, off the non-member rate).

    Click here to access the order form. It will show you how much time you have left currently and how much you would have if you applied an extension. You will need to renter your username and password to access the form.

  • Now I think I’m going to work on some halloween pics. Do you guys have any requests?