Posted on October 7, 1999

  • If you’re interested, here is the new login page I’m working on for the dedicated server. It’s a lot of graphics, I know, and it’ll probably choke your modem. It’s also probably too big to fit on your monitor. That’s ok.

    Fortunately, you’re already a member and you can still skip directly into the members gallery by bookmarking this page.

    Basically, the login page will load when someone clicks on the “member’s login” on my free site (the link currently goes directly into the member’s gallery). The visitor (persumably a non-member) will get a look at my wanton display of Javascript rollovers and be immediately hynoptised into joining 🙂 Just kidding. Actually I just wanted to dress up my front door a little. Like I said, you don’t have to look at it.

    Your comments are definitely appreciated though.