Moon Worship


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Companion piece to “Sun Worship“. I’ve given the lady on the rocks a friend 🙂

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20 reviews for Moon Worship

  1. PixelHead [nonmonthly]

    Very soft, warm, and relaxing. Another great piece of art!

  2. Skullbones [basicmember]

    calming colors, smooth, peaceful, Outstanding.

  3. sundogvet [lifer]

    Man, the last time that couple went anywhere, all these meteors were falling out of the sky! It looked like the end of the world! Nice to see that little digital couple finally having a calm evening together, without explosions.

    Kidding. I liked the explosions, too.

  4. C in TX [lifer]

    I have had this wallpaper on my monitor since it first came out and was looking at it on my monitors at work today when I JUST noticed the two tiny figures in the lower left quadrant… Talk about giving it a totally new sense of scale! 🙂 Obviously I need glasses. 😉

  5. Rift [basicmember]

    I like this version a lot better than Sun worship. The light glare of the clear moon has a great effect, like your waiting for fireflies or a shooting star. The tiny figure still needs to go, a pickle jar version without it would be appreciated.

  6. SPEEDYJ [lifer]

    I love this wallpaper so much. Great work Rayan.

    The night version is impressive!!!

  7. Alberto [basicmember]

    Thank you for this rendering it is magnificent. I always wanted to ask about the mysterious Avatars you place randomly in many of your works. I think you should write a piece to Explicate or to quiet these mysteries. I can never comment on the avatars it drives me nuts… The lady hides sorta well here so the rendering gets a 10+…

  8. OpelCarl [nonmonthly]

    Really powerful colours! It made its way onto my my Desktop in seconds! Fantastic !!!

  9. Jenanne [liferplus]

    So glad to see another of your “blue period” renders, Ryan. 😉

  10. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Very peaceful and serene. I can totally picture myself sitting on those rocks relaxing a basking in either render.

  11. BobC [lifer]

    This is so sweet and lovely. Always a treat for me to see another of the “blue” ones that I love so much…

  12. Ozaawaagos [nonmonthly]

    This looks so amazingly serene, So very life like, I want to be there Again AWESOME JOB Ryan

  13. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    Dreamy and mysterious landscape. Love the composition!

  14. Olivier [lifer]


  15. Kelton [nonmonthly]

    Very serene. Wonderful work again.

  16. Ryan

    I really wanted to keep the same camera angle, but Vue wouldn’t let me fit in everything vertically and stlll widen the frame to 16×9. Sometimes I have to move the camera to reframe my scenes 🙁

  17. Miggs [nonmonthly]

    I’m not much for words but this looks amazing. After staring at it for a but gave me this idea of an animated version. Maybe even scale it down to mobile phone res 1440 x 2560 to make a boot animation of the water washing up on the rocks. Lol sorry my rant is done but I know this is my new wallpaper for sure.

  18. Shannon [liferplus]

    It’s not often that I wished I had only one monitor, but I much prefer the hue and camera angle of the single screen images. We loose the moon and transparent water on the rocks in the mutl-screen versions. Please redo the multi-screens to math the single screen. I like the distance from the couple. Maybe you don’t have enough to do that.

  19. StK [lifer]

    Love your night versions. I always prefer darker wallpapers. 10/10

  20. robin gibbs [basicmember]

    absolutely beautiful. u do the most amazing work. so talented. tysm for doing this

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