Digital Blasphemy | 3D Wallpaper

Posted on May 3, 2024

Saguaro Pass

When I created “Saguaro Pass”  I added a ton of ground level flora to show a springtime desert in bloom.   When I rendered the hi-res version, however, it seemed that lot of this color was lost.    Before sharing the nighttime version I thought it would be fun to render a view from closer to the ground, looking up, to show all of those details.   Which version do you like best??

Posted on May 1, 2024

Saguaro Pass

A little exploration of the brand new, early access version of Gaea2 here.   Gaea, as some of you may know, is my favorite landscape modeling software and I’ve been using version 1 for years.   Version 2, announced earlier this year, has me very excited and the early access was just released.   While Rochallor was busy rendering my C4D particle experiments I decided to test drive some of the new Gaea2 features and ended up with this desert scene which I then rendered using VUE.   There are still quite a few bugs in Gaea2 but it’s looking very promising!

Posted on April 27, 2024


Continuing my exploration of what’s possible with C4D’s new particle system.  This time I’ve added the “tracer” effect which creates geometry based on the particles’ movement during the simulation.    This gives the static image (IMO) a bit more of a dynamic look.    I’ve also added a few other versions to the Pickle Jar.

I hope you enjoy my experiments!

Posted on April 23, 2024


Recently Cinema4D released a massive update which included a host of new particle simulation tools.   I’ve been spending the past week or so diving into them, learning not only about particle sims but also broadening my knowledge of Cinema4D.     While learning is important, I also like to have something to put on my desktop for my efforts.   This piece was created using both the particle system and C4D’s Pyro volume simulation tools.     

It was a fun challenge to use moving particles to create a static image and I hope you enjoy this first effort.     It’s a powerful tool and I hope to make more interesting projects as my skills improve!