Digital Blasphemy | 3D Wallpaper

Posted on October 17, 1999

  • I’ve been working on a little search engine for the member’s gallery, so you can easily find the image you want without wading through all the gallery pages. It’s in beta mode now (I spent yesterday afternoon working on it), which means it’s ready for you to test out. It doesn’t do keyword searches (yet) so you’ll still have to know at least part of the image title (i.e. “Afterglow”, “Overlook 1999”, etc) in order to find anything. All the seasonal images are now included with the main member’s gallery and you can use the search engine to list them out by holiday (type “halloween”, for example, to get at all my halloween pics).

    Speaking of Halloween, I have done two additional halloween renders but I’m not quite ready to post them. They’ll probably be ready by tomorrow morning when I open my free halloween gallery to the public. Of course, I’ll preview them here first.

  • I’ve added a directory of PNG versions of my 1600 x 1200 renders, for those who can’t stand even a little bit of JPG compression. Warning, these files are LARGE. The directory index can be found here. The files are large, but they’re way smaller than BMP versions. You may, however, need special software to view the images if your browser doesn’t support the PNG format. Netscape users will have to download the ZIP versions of the files.

Posted on October 16, 1999

  • It’s 3:00 am and I’m sitting here working on a new picture when all of a sudden everything starts moving around. My first Earthquake; pretty freaky for this son of an Illinois corn farmer.

Posted on October 13, 1999

  • I sat down last night (this morning actually) to make another Halloween wallpaper, but what I came up with has nothing at all to do with Halloween. Sorry. It’s still kind of scary though (to me anyway). The image is called “F=MA” (as in Newton’s Law of Force) and you can check it out in the Planetscapes gallery and the WIP.

Posted on October 11, 1999

  • I hope everyone is getting into the Halloween Spirit. I’m planning on posting a few Halloween pics in my free gallery probably next week. I did this last year and I’d like to continue to tradition. The gallery will stay up until Nov 1st and will contain all (or most) of the images from last year’s gallery, plus a few new ones (depending on how many I decide to make).
    Last week I asked if you had any suggestions for what kinds of Halloween pics you would like to see. The emails came flying in with all kinds of creepy ideas, but the one sounded particularly appealing to me. That image, my rendition of a certain decapitated equestrian, is now available in my Posers Gallery and the WIP. It’s called “Midnight Trooper” (from a line in the original story). Hope you like it! More to come.
  • I’ve added 1600 x 1200 versions of “El Dios del Fuego” (much requested), “Huntress“, and “Valley of the Sun“.
  • Added the latest member’s additions (everything from after “Catch of the Day” to “Midnight Trooper”) to the DB1999 screen saver. and all the zipfiles are now up to date with the latest imagery.

Posted on October 9, 1999

  • As I mentioned yesterday, you now have the option to extend your membership for one year or one month. Your expiration date will be extended from the original time you were set to expire, not from today’s date, so you still get all the time you originally paid for. The maximum subscription length is capped at 2 years, so if you were extend your membership to 2 years today, you wouldn’t be able to extend it further until one year had passed.

    The cost to extend your membership for one year is $20, %20 off the non-member rate. If you’re on a budget or you have an extremely hazardous job you can can extend your membership by just one month (31 days) for only $10 ($2, or 16%, off the non-member rate).

    Click here to access the order form. It will show you how much time you have left currently and how much you would have if you applied an extension. You will need to renter your username and password to access the form.

  • Now I think I’m going to work on some halloween pics. Do you guys have any requests?